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Chief & Senior Officers



Steven L. Labov, MEMS, CISM, MSO, CERT-3, TAPI

Chief of Department



William R. Ludwig, III, CERT-3, TAPI

Assistant Chief



Stephanie C. Mangigian, RN, CISM


Medical Disaster Operations Unit Commander



Robert E. McKenna, CERT-3, TAPI




Michael E. Faunce, Psychologist, CISM, CERT-1


CISM Team Commander



Rebecca Lauer, EMT, CERT-1



Our Department is comprised of personnel with various skills and backgrounds;  military, law enforcement, fire fighting, rescue, EMS, nurses, physicians and more!  Our Department personnel are currently active or formerly with the following agencies, organizations or departments.  We are also proud to say that our personnel have attained senior and/or instructor positions with the following agencies and organizations: